To be the truth of who we are

Celebrating the life and vision of Phakalane founder Claudia Rauber

We are deeply sorry to inform you that Claudia Rauber passed away recently.

Claudia lived her truth and up to her last exquisite breath in her physical body on 11th August 2018, she embodied that truth with courage, integrity and love. The shock and incredible feeling of loss remains as present and stark as it was on that day.

Phakalane as a whole was bequeathed by Claudia to her mother, Angel. As per Claudia’s wishes, a few of us have been in discussion with Angel as to where to from here for Phakalane. We will keep you informed as to progress and any final decisions that are made.

Please keep in touch. We will post updates here and on the Facebook page.

Update 5 Oct 2018: The overnight cottages at Phakalane (Mountain Hut, Forest Hut and Water Hut) are now available for short term rentals: enquire and book.

Overnight Retreat Accommodation

A beautiful and simple space amongst the trees

A simple, clear and womb-like space high up on the property

A space and container for one to step into stillness, self, grace, care, vulnerability and heart

Cottage and studio for rent

Welcome to the Cottage and Studio at Phakalane.

These are part of the longer-term rentals in the small living community of Phakalane. They are available as one rental from 1 October 2018 for R18 000 pm, furnished, excluding electricity, gas, firewood, and wifi access on a month by month basis.