Main building - circle room

Sacred Circle

This space is the heart of Phakalane.

A quiet and contemplative circular space.
Taking us inward and welcoming us to hear our hearts voice.

How the sound reverberates within the space is a magical component.

Within the concrete section of the circular floor, there are a 100 stones holding a 100 wishes individual people made at the opening of Phakalane 28 October 2007. These wishes to me still feel like they reverberate within the space and ripple outwards.

The inner floor is wooden and has a 8,5m diameter, as well as the unplastered brick walls that form a dramatic 6m high cone.

Long vertical strip window in the north inviting glimpses of the wondrous nature outside and welcoming the light to play within the space.

Floating concrete ceiling with remote controlled shutter that can be opened to expose to sky.