Cottage and Studio

Welcome to the Cottage and Studio at Phakalane.

These are part of the longer-term rentals in the small living community of Phakalane. Our minimum rental is three months. They are available as one rental from 1 August 2018 for R17 000 pm, excluding electricity, gas, firewood, and wifi access.

The studio is a self-contained space with a mezzanine for sleeping. It has an inside bathroom as well as access to an amazing outside shower. In my experience it has the most efficient small kitchen. I lived in the space for three years and loved it. It has a fireplace and can also be utilized as a therapy space.

The studio is closely linked onto the cottage.

The cottage has a bedroom in eaves, a downstairs kitchen, living room and bathroom, and an adjoining room which can be utilized as a second bedroom. The fireplace keeps everything cosy.

Living at Phakalane welcomes you into a conscious temple-like living, which supports us to live closer in harmony with our environment, and to who we are. The space is not conducive to accommodating children or dogs. With cats, we may be negotiable. We also hold an alcohol and smoke free environment.

Living here we give “hands in the earth time” in the vegetable garden and the surrounding nature of our space.

If you feel called to come and live here, please email us at