Personal Retreat

There are three spaces available for you to come and be in your own retreat. For a night, two or more. The Water Hut, Forest Hut and Mountain Hut.

To rest, to connect, to Be, to simply stare at the ceiling, float in the natural swimming pools amongst the li...

Day of Silence

Spend a day at Phakalane in Silence.

By yourself or in a group ( This may become a regular group day event )

With some planned activities like a meditation circle, nature walk and making a meal together.
Or simply a day of nothing…..

Personal Cleanse Day

Take a day and stop, connect with yourself and your body, cleanse and align.

Begin the day with mouth oiling, dry body brushing, body oiling and a cold shower (for those ready for that!).

Have the first green juice or a bowl of fruit, followed by a colonic.

Spend the rest of the morning being in ...