Spirit Cats

Simba, the Lion Cat
I found home here on this land in 2002. I was part of so much change and transformation.  I was intimately part of the building of Phakalane.
I derived the greatest joy from eating catnip and being stroked at the same time.
My spirit roams this land and guides from this place of light, protecting and supporting my beloved human mother.  My lion voice travels at night.

Phaka, the Temple Cat
I left my physical body and travelled into the light on 25 September 2011. I now oversee Phakalane as the ‘ Spirit Temple Cat ‘.
My favorite past time was to keep an eye on the goings-on at Phakalane while soaking up sun on the stairs.
I chose Phakalane as my home in 2007. I loved taking part in sacred rituals, supporting and assisting, bringing cuddles and care where needed.

When Simba, the big Lion of the Phakalane Land passed into the spirit realm, I found home ad hoc with all the residents. I loved the underfloor heating in the cottage, yummy chicken at the main house and quiet child-free space in the studio to rest.
I felt safe on this land.

I chose this land, this space and this community as my home for a few years.
It took me a few months of hiding in the bushes on the land and then when the “door” opened, I came in.
I loved affection…giving and receiving.
I loved being here!
And I chose this place to die too……
My body is burried on this land.