Paul Kristafor

The EarthStar Squat Stool is a simple solution to an intriguing problem.

Modern toilets require us to sit when using them, human anatomy dictates that we need to squat to fully empty our colon.

The stool makes it easy to replicate the squatting position whilst using a modern toilet.

The feet are comfortably elevated with the heels slightly raised and knees above the hips.

The health benefits of this more natural toilet posture are myriad and include:

  • Relief from haemorrhoids
  • Decrease in constipation
  • Fast, easy elimination
  • Relief from IBS
  • Help with pelvic floor and bladder issues
  • Better colon health all round

The stool is elegantly designed and hand crafted from FSC certified birch ply. It is sealed using locally manufactured Pro-Nature Indoor, probably the safest, most environmentally friendly wood sealant on the market. The stool is designed to fit unobtrusively around the base of any standard toilet when not in use. It is sturdy and stable enough to stand on and sits on felt pads to protect bathroom flooring.

Cost                   R 1 150