Patwant Kaur

Kundalini Yoga

Patwant Kaur is an experienced qualified Kundalini Yoga teacher. She has been teaching since 2001. Her teaching experience includes working through Kundalini Yoga with abused woman, female inmates, children and all who feel drawn to this ancient spiritual practice. She also currently co-facilitates weekend retreats.

Kundalini Yoga aims to integrate and balance mind body and soul. It awakens our Kundalini energy, our highest creative potential and connects us with our purpose and truth. Kundalini Yoga incorporates aspects of all schools of yoga and includes the use of mantra, mudras, pranayama (breathwork) and specific kriyas. Physically it powerfully strengthens the immune, glandular and nervous systems. Mentally it clears and focuses the mind and spiritually it connects us with our highest guidance and intuition.