Resident Peacock

Do you see how beautiful I am ?

I chose to come and live at Phakalane in 2005.
I spent almost all the years as a bachelor! In 2012 Octavia came to be with me for a month, but she decided to find a life elsewhere.

I stand alone in my magnificence!

I have so enjoyed receiving much attention from all those that visited Phakalane.
My favorite perch at night was outside the first Treatment room at Phakalane.

Phakalane was my home!

I was injured twice by a dog in May 2017……I left the land and have been taken care of at the World of Birds.

I have chosen life again and again, through all the odds.
I am still deciding if I will live out my days at the World of Birds or come back to Phakalane.

Always in beauty to you!