Claudia Rauber

Being Me, Real and True

Claudia lived her truth and up to her last exquisite breath in her physical body on 11th August 2018, she embodied that truth with courage, integrity and love.

Her journey in life was “The undoing of my Doing”.

Claudia come from a long line of ancestors that have been exceptional movers and shakers in their lives. The best at doing what they loved. They imprinted in her that there is always room at the top of one’s field and that to get there it takes exceptional hard work, determination, strength and push.

This imprint got Claudia to having created and brought into being Phakalane. There was a cost to her however she did not want to change anything about it, as she became who she was because of this journey. It was her healing and becoming. All of it in perfection.

Phakalane stands in her immense grace as a testament to Claudia’s journey.

And now there is a new way……which is unknown and yet I feel its unfolding.
I am in the knowing that I cannot know.
To feel it all and be with it all. Leaving no stone unturned.
To come to “do” only from a place of movement and uprising in me of my truth.
This is a making real of being who I truly am.
Staying open to the infinite possibilities and that life can change in a nano second.
That all is truly well.

I have capacities and experiences that I am able to and choose to share at this time:

To sit with you, with all that is.
To welcome you to come to hold yourself in the greatest love.
To allow your body to be held safe in beauty and grace by the nature of this land and the structures.
To step into self care as the priority.
To share my experience of fasting, cleansing, letting go and nourishing.
That which I call Living Ritual.

I welcome the meeting of you with all that you bring.

In love