March at Phakalane

Beautiful Phakalane Community and Family

This morning I am reminded of the following first verse of a song:

Take one Step at a time, my friend
Breathe one Breath at a time.
Think one Thought at a time, my friend

And Love all the time

As I gently and slowly walked the land of Phakalane this morning, I welcomed the many stories I heard as my feet crushed on the stones. The many stories from many years of this land and this beautiful wide expansive community. The times we have laughed, cried, danced, steamed, sweated, sung, celebrated, prayed, slept, loved, made love, ate deliciously, engaged, cleared, dropped deeper into vulnerability, jumped for joy and plummeted into the depths of our beings and beyond. Babies where conceived and born, animals died and where buried. Placentas and ashes deep in the ground upon which big trees are now growing. A Forest emerging from all that was fed into the earth by us all.


It is a fine thread this, that we have woven with. That we are all a part of.
Not beholden too, but loved in freedom.
To engage or not, to follow our heart and truth.
All is well!

The last few weeks I have been given the greatest gift of my life.
The experience of Love, beyond a love I could even have imagined possible, between human beings.
My experience and cellular memory now, is that this Love is Real and amongst us.
I am forever changed and immensely grateful.

It feels to me that from this month of March there will be more events occurring here again, inviting you onto the land again as a community.
Please keep a look out on the website as well as Facebook. There will be flyers sent out too.
The retreat places are very much available and have been a growing solace for many.
To come and rest deeply here is a true gift to the self.

With so much love to you