December Cycle


I leave my shoes at the door and enter barefoot
Feeling the floor, reminding me of being so much more.
More vulnerable, more aware, more awake, more here.

I am invited to feel and engage from this barefoot place.
To be who I truly am.
To allow the magnificent beauty of this place to move me.
To move because I am moved.

I have been so moved by the entering of Barefoot Beings into my home, into Phakalane.
The respect, gratitude and warmth that each Being has shown, has imbued this place with more love and welcoming.
I have loved feeling and seeing Beings walk this land, eat from this land, swim on this land, let go on this land, rest deeply on this land.
Many years ago I drew a picture of what could be…..and now it is here.
It is done…….

Niall’s Jewellery exhibition was a wondrous affair. With so much warmth, joy, enthusiasm, fabulous shopping and wonderful celebratory eating. People flowed through the space which was filled with so much power and presence.

The days before the end of this year cycle are filled with deepening rest at Phakalane as Beings come to be in retreat.

There are still spaces available on Colin Campbell and Lance’s 24hrs of being with what emerges. 

We will hold the end of the year New Years Eve Steaming Ritual on the 31st.

Thank you for being with me in this emerging and unfolding time.

So much love to you and your world, as you dance in your end of year cycle.

Claudia and Phakalane