Heartbeat of Phakalane

This Precious Moment

To speak of living the moment is one thing
To make it real, living the moment is another.

To stand and lie and rest in the unknown
Is a passage many of us are being invited into.

March at Phakalane

Beautiful Phakalane Community and Family

This morning I am reminded of the following first verse of a song:

Take one Step at a time, my friend
Breathe one Breath at a time.
Think one Thought at a time, my friend

And Love all the time




Claudia and Phakalane


Phakalane turned 10 years!

For me, it is in the looking and feeling back in time, that I get to see where I find myself today. Who I have become and all that contributed to that making.

Phakalane has been my becoming. I could not have imagined this to be the case, as the doors where opened for the first time to the community, 10 years ago. I felt the world and beings needed my healing. Phakalane and I could do some fixing!!

I smile now in deep humility, as I see that it was all for me.
I needed the healing,  so that I could become more fully me.
I am in deep gratitude to each of you for affording me this journey.
Without you and your relating and engaging with Phakalane in all the myriad of ways, I would not have become Me.

Phakalane’s Soft Opening


There is a gentle unfurling in nature at Phakalane.
The quality of a soft opening, a gentle arrival of the new.
The green so bright, so tender, so full of life and possibility.

In this energy, Phakalane is now open.

The soft opening means that for now you are welcome ...