Traditional Group Steam Ritual: Community and Belonging

Group Steaming Ritual for Men and Women with Niall Campbell & Claudia Rauber

Mar 2018 6:30pm - 9:30pm

The theme for this Group Steam Ritual:  Community and Belonging.
More than ever, at this time, is the time to lean into community. A circle we have been cultivating over the years. And through being in community, truly allowing ourselves to experience that we do Belong!

This is an invitation to Men and Women 12 years and older to participate in a traditional group steaming ritual.

We will be introducing a process before we go into the steam, singing traditional songs and chants and working with plant medicines which cleanse, strengthen and empower men and women

Dinner to be enjoyed after.
Bring a brother and sister and join us for an opening and joyous experience.

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