New Years Eve Steaming Ritual

Acknowledging and Releasing 2018

Mon 31 Dec 2018 6pm - 9:30pm R550

Marking the last day of 2018 with Niall and Colin Campbell and the Phakalane Community.

It has been an immense year of many experiences.

This Ritual evening is to mark the ending of this year 2018, to let go and release, to acknowledge and agree to all that has happened and all that we experienced.

And then to allow all to transform into a deep foundation to build on even more, in strength, empowerment, presence and joy.

In this process we will be working with medicines for cleansing, strengthening and empowering and a ritual process before we go into the steam.
We will be singing songs and chants.
This steam is open to all men and women from the age of 12.

We will enjoy a shared light meal after.

Cost: R550

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