Cleansing and ritual

Colon Hydrotherapy

A clean colon, is a healthy colon. This creates a healthy body, which makes of a happy and alive Being!

When you are detoxing and cleansing the body, it is very helpful and at times necessary that the toxic waste that gets released through the cleansing process, rapidly moves through the diges...

Fasting and Cleansing

Letting go and releasing so that you may fall in love with yourself.

Fasting allows your body an opportunity to heal and nurture itself while purging harmful toxins from the system.

Cleansing is the letting go of the internal and external that we have carried, numbed ourselves and distracted ours...

Steaming Rituals

At Phakalane we perform Traditional group and individual Steaming Rituals.
These work with a range of aspects, some of them being for purification, cleansing, letting go, opening and welcoming. 
These rituals are performed outdoor.

A ritual process is introduced before we go into the steam, there...

Personal Cleanse Day

Take a day and stop, connect with yourself and your body, cleanse and align.

Begin the day with mouth oiling, dry body brushing, body oiling and a cold shower (for those ready for that!).

Have the first green juice or a bowl of fruit, followed by a colonic.

Spend the rest of the morning being in ...

Group Cleansing Day

For groups of 3 or more

We start the day with an early morning sunrise ritual or traditional steam, followed by a juice and silent sitting in sacred circle.

Thereafter, space for personal rest and contemplation.
A simple raw vegan lunch followed by a silent walk either on the property or the con...