Cottage and Studio

Welcome to the Cottage and Studio at Phakalane. Please note that the Cottage and Studio have been rented out indefinitely. These are part of the longer-term rentals in the small living community of Phakalane. They are available together or separately from mid June 2019. Monthly rental is R15 000  as one unit or R9000 for the cottage and R6000 for the studio respectively. They are furnished, excluding electricity, gas, firewood, and wifi access on a month by month basis.

The Vegetable Garden

It is my pure delight and has been, since I was a child, to walk in a garden and
The new vegetable garden is bursting into its first spring crop.

It is such a joy for me to witness this, work in the garden, reap from it and be nourished by it.
To walk amongst the beds with a ba...

Natural pool

Natural Swimming pool

An exquisite place of calm. The sound of bubbling water and frogs. Water lilies in summer with a multitude of colourful dragonflies drinking from this well of beauty.
To rest here in this nature heaven is balm to the soul.

It has been called “The love pond”


Hugga Room

Our Hugga Room is an “under ground” space. 
It is mainly used for ritual work.

We sometimes find ourselves using it for deep inward sharing, yoga, workshops, strategy meetings, lectures and movies.

Main building - living area


A lounge that spaciously welcomes us to sit, rest, drink a cup of tea, look out the window, read, contemplate, receive warmth from the fire and feel connected to nature from the inside.

A place to be alone or share in community of being.
Feeling home.

Main building - circle room

Sacred Circle

This space is the heart of Phakalane.

A quiet and contemplative circular space.
Taking us inward and welcoming us to hear our hearts voice.

How the sound reverberates within the space is a magical component.

Within the concrete section of the circular floor, there are a 100 stones holding a 100 ...