How things are here

Phakalane is a space that encourages us to walk lightly, with care and awareness, within the spaces, on the land and amongst each other. 

We have put a few simple practices in place to support this.

  • All inside spaces at Phakalane are shoe free, so please remember to leave your shoes outside and bring along warm socks or house slippers to use inside.
  • It is a still space. In care of all others that are residing in the spaces and being on the land please keep your level of conversation low, no cellphones in public spaces and on loudspeaker. Please use headphones.
  • Smoking and drinking of Alcohol is not permitted anywhere on the land.
    Please smoke outside of the main gate.
  • Phakalane holds a alive, conscious and Vegetarian kitchen ( no animal flesh products, but dairy and eggs are fine ). When bringing your food, we ask that wherever possible, you bring preservative free, fresh and organic foods. The vegetable and herb garden is here for you to pick from. A comprehensive recycling system is in place.
  • The spaces are cared for by everyone using them. Any used dishes need to be washed, dried off and replaced in cupboards and breakages replaced.
    Please leave the spaces the way you found them. Thank you for your care.
  • Phakalane is situated in a suburb so we are aware of our sound impact within our community.
    For large groups, please enter and leave the premises quietly and in the interest of promoting good neighbourly relations, please do not park in the street.

In Gratitude