Founder’s Journey

When I was 7 years old, I said to my Papa….”one day I will open a special centre”….. Phakalane (meaning Hawk in Tswana) is a centre for living ritual…and it took a life in ritual to birth her.

The more I purified, the more I kept listening and holding the finger on my own life’s pulse, the more I healed…… the more she came into being.

If things did not flow, I had to look into my own heart, to see what I was blocking and sitting with. As soon as it cleared, sometimes through shear hard work, there was flow again, and the process moved forward.

I go back to even earlier times of my life…when I was still in the womb of my mother. She was massaged weekly by an amazing Greek woman, who later became an important mentor. She died on my 14th birthday. I have felt her presence from when I started doing body work. It was then already, that I felt connections with those that have gone before us.

In 1999 I spent a month in a Tipi in the middle of winter, at Beaverlac in the Grootwinterhoek Mountains. Here I started to draw the first sketches and concepts of Phakalane. By the end of my month, cold showers felt warm! I gained a connection there, that still feeds me today.

I brought this Tipi home to the Land of Phakalane. Through the next years, where ever the Tipi was placed, a physical structure arose. The first, was my sangoma hut, called an Indumba, the home of the spirits. I realized the significance of this as time progressed….the ancestors had their home first, and because of that, there was a solid foundation, and therefore the building could and is standing solid and strong. If we honour our lineage, giving thanks, we create a foundation in our lives for it to flow and grow.

Part of the work of Phakalane, is to allow and welcome people to connect with their past, their ancestry, purify that which no longer serves them, to then walk in strength and support. And in doing this work, we are affecting the next seven generations.

And so the core vision of Phakalane became clear: This is to be “home” for those that seek it and a place for our children’s children.

Many people have moved through this land in its stages of development, providing me with endless opportunity to grow, expand, heal and move forward.

Without community, Phakalane would not be standing.

I deeply thank the challenges of my life, for they have given me the strength and tenacity, to bring this vision into physical manifestation.

The greatest platform has been the depth of love in relationship, the HEART, which continues to be the driving force of Phakalane.