I lived the question the past month.....What is love.
Through community, powerful women, femininity, loss, death, song, stories, fire, past, nature, elders, falling, rock pools, nakedness, family, celebrations, tears, voice, anger, meeting, new territory, sacred circle

Now, I choose Love
Saying yes to the prostation that comes
The discombobulation as the cells vibrate differently
Embracing of all
Pain and pleasure
Knowing nothing matters and everything matters
This precious life 
My Life and Yours

Welcoming what is beyond as we let go
The infinite of what we cannot begin to know to be real
And then again dropped deeply into the here and now
The dance of surrender
Do you get it??

I choose love 
apposed to separation, distance, closedness, pain
It is raw, it is real, it is beyond glorious
And yet how scared I am to truly live its realness
What it calls of me

Simply and profoundly to live me

My life matters
Your life matters